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Gatherings Currently held every 3rd Sunday of the month. Join us in sharing tunes, meeting members, and enjoying culinary delights! Each gathering will feature either a workshop (free of charge) or a rehearsal for an upcoming event (open to all harpers) or both! Further details are published in The Reel Fling.

Harpers Hall Gathering


Retreats Excerpt from a typical retreat: "...Saturday night, with Rise Up Singing, was yet another fun Venture weekend. We had our mini-micro retreat with a small group of harp revelers. While the food met the high "culinary society" expectations, the board was groaning all weekend long in true Harpers Hall tradition. The hottub was visited... and harps were played. After a walk in the Redwoods, the Happy Hiking Harpers Club was formed, and plans made for future expeditions for Harping in the Redwoods. The beach was visited, and we escorted the sun out of the sky, tucking it in safely for the night. We failed to tuck ourselves in, making music far into the wee hours (OK, some of us stayed up till the wee hours!). All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, keeping alive the tradition of having fun at Venture Retreats"..Elaine Berger

harps at Venture

Above: Harps at Venture Retreat

Above: Late night jam session at Venture Retreat

Performances In concert, Harpers Hall features solo and ensemble performances by professional and advanced players and harp playing by its dynamic 15-25 person "Harp Orchestra". Harpers Hall performances are magical occasions, combining beautiful harp music with lively dialogue on the folk harp and its rich history. Offstage, Harpers Hall folk are always eager to demonstrate their instruments and to share information. Our performances commonly inspire audiences to take up the harp themselves!

Probably the most involved undertaking of Harpers Hall is participation in the annual Caledonian Club Scottish Gathering and Games at Pleasanton. Thanks to the harpers at these events many children and adults gain their first exposure to the harp. Other annual performances include the Loch Lomond Games at Ben Lomond, the Caledonian Club Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Gathering at Woodland, and the Season of Hope Concert Series at St. Joseph's Cathedral in downtown San Jose..